Treatments at Groom combine luxury and efficiency and we are the pioneers of multi-tasking beauty treatments with more than one therapist.

Our two therapist treatments provide ‘double the luxury in half the time’ and are perfect for when you have a need for speed or want to power up your pampering with two sets of hands. We also offer a full range of fantastic individual treatments, provided in our new Pedi Pen, our state of the art Nail Bar, our luxurious Lash Lounge, and within our Facial & Eye Station or Waxing Booth. Balancing work, life and London living is demanding and if you are due a manicure but fancy a facial why not let us work some multiple magic and halve the time.

Twice as nice beauty treatments. Double the luxury in half the time!

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Don't forget... to ask your therapist

Don't forget you can tailor your treatment – at the same time as your face is freshened your hands can be healed or your toes can be treated.